PS5 Vs. PC

PS5 Vs. PC


Martha Davis
August 16, 2021

Sony’s latest PlayStation 5 console has already hit the ground running.

Not surprisingly, it’s already become the fastest-selling PS console surpassing 10 million sales worldwide. That said, the age-old argument still prevails, whether to go for a PC or the PlayStation 5.

The latest PS5 console should be of interest to PC enthusiasts – thanks to what lies underneath the hood. The technology that goes into the latest-gen gaming consoles has both replicated and influenced PC gaming for some time now.

While consoles such as the PS5 have become more or less like PCs than ever before, what would be a more intelligent investment – buying the new PS5 or spending the money on a gaming PC?

We’ll try to help you choose between the PS5 vs. PC and let you decide which platform would better suit your needs. 

PS5 vs. PC: Specs

PS5 vs. PC: Specs

Let’s kick off by talking about the specs on the PS5. First, talking about the CPU on Sony’s latest console, it’s a 3.5GHz eight-core AMD Zen 2 processor.

In addition, the CPU and GPU get bundled with a massive 16GB of RAM on the PS5. Another big talking point when it comes to PS5 vs. PC gaming is the graphics card. For some gamers, it’s the only thing that matters.

To this end, the PS5 comes loaded with a custom version of AMD RDNA2 GPU, which supports ray tracing and offers 10.28 teraflops of computing power. Ray tracing has been the buzzword of the GPU world for some time now. The technology was exclusive to Nvidia GPUs; however, it has finally arrived on AMD GPUs.

And this is confirmed by the fact that the latest PS5 comes fully equipped with ray-tracing capabilities. Sony itself said that there are a lot of similarities when it comes to the custom technology in the PS5 and the cards from AMD – officially known as the Radeon RX 6900 XT, RX 6800 XT, and RX 6800

Another talking point on Sony’s latest console is its custom solid-state drive (SSD). It’s a PCIe 4.0 SSD, with around 5GBs reserved for performance and another 825GB for storage. It’s the first SSD of this type to come on a console.

No wonder Sony and developers alike have been bragging about the PS5’s solid-state drive. It’s capable of churning out blistering load speeds of 5.5 GB per second, which means much-reduced load times and a higher rendering level, giving gamers a more immersive experience.

PC gamers also prefer SSDs, as it offers better speed, durability, and reduces power consumption when compared to a hard drive. 

In a nutshell, the hardware on the PS5 can give any high-end gaming rig a run for its money. Sony’s latest console also comes equipped to support the ambitious Unreal Engine 5 – an indicator of what one can expect from the next generation of consoles like the PS5.

Sony showed off some of its capabilities in a demo that utilized Unreal Engine 5. In addition, they used this demo to showcase two key technologies: Lumen and Nanite. Both Nanite and Lumen technologies help render stunningly beautiful game environments by utilizing real-time ray tracing and streaming in real-time.

Other key specs on the PS5 include support for 3D audio, a 4K Blu-ray drive, the ability to render content at up to 8K resolution, and 120 frames per second. However, most PS5 games on the PS5 get optimized for 60 fps at 4K.   

For PCs, it depends on how much you are willing to spend on your gaming rig. Building your gaming PC means you decide how much you want to invest in your PC. Some gamers won’t mind maintaining a very high-end machine capable of running the newest game releases at the highest possible settings.

Others might go for a budget gaming PC and upgrade only when required. That said, it’s entirely possible to replicate the PS5 performance on a PC.

For instance, the AMD Ryzen 7 3700X has the same core count as the PS5’s CPU and Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Super GPU, so you will probably be able to match what’s inside the PS5.

All in all, PCs always reach the pinnacle of gaming technology with superior graphics, high-resolution monitors, the latest multi-core processors, and dual GPUs. On a high-end PC, you can play games like Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and Doom at much higher settings than the PS5. 

Again, some invest in maintaining a very high-end rig, running the newest game releases at the highest possible settings. At the same time, others may go for a budget gaming PC and upgrade as per their needs and requirements.

PS5 VS PC: Games

PS5 VS PC: Games

As with any platform, it all comes down to the kind of games you’ll want to play. In the age of Steam, PC gaming is miles ahead of the PS5 for the sheer volume of titles you can find on platforms such as Origin, Steam,, and Epic Games Store.

From classics such as Quake and Counter-Strike to the latest AAA titles like GTA V and Mortal Kombat 11 – PC gaming has you covered. Besides, PC games cost much less than consoles, thanks to digital distribution platforms like Steam and Origin.

Moreover, the majority of MMOs like WoW Classic and Diablo are designed for the PC. Therefore, you will find more alternatives on the PC when it comes to the sheer variety of games than on any console.

PC games also allow users to customize their system, create hotkeys, sharper and more immersive visuals, improved accuracy with peripherals, and more options to modify games.

However, there are plenty of fantastic console games you can’t play on a PC. Games like The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part 2, Bloodborne, God of War, Persona 5, Uncharted 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Marvel’s Spider-Man, The Last Guardian, and many more – are only exclusive to the PlayStation.

With PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services, the PS5 offers excellent exclusives and a massive library of games. It also supports backward compatibility, which means you’ll be able to play popular PS4 titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, and more on the PS5.

Most developers launch their titles on both platforms, so there’s no shortage of games whether you decide to go for the PC or the PS5.

That said, most Triple-A blockbuster adventures are usually exclusive to consoles. So if you only stick to PC gaming, you’re going to miss out on some of the best AAA titles if you don’t buy a PS5.

In addition, the PS5 can add to your experience by playing with friends, thanks to in-game communication and online game sharing. For example, suppose your friends or cousins also have a PS5; you can get together and play, as consoles now come equipped with improved in-game communication. 

PS5 vs. PC: Upgradability

PS5 vs. PC: Upgradability 

When it comes to upgradability, there’s no denying desktops PCs rule the roost. PC gamers can easily replace their CPU, motherboards, or graphics card for newer, advanced models.   

In addition, PC gaming gives you the freedom to choose your hardware as per your needs. So, for example, it’s much easier to upgrade specific components such as graphics cards. Not to mention, PC gamers also get the freedom to choose their gaming peripherals.

So go for a keyboard and mouse for better accuracy while playing FPS games, or use a controller for games like Tekken and Mortal Kombat. There’s no denying how open and accessible the PC ecosystem is when compared to consoles. 

Not to mention, the new Sony DualSense controller will get PC compatibility at some point shortly. Now, this essentially implies you’ll be able to enjoy all the unique benefits and features of the DualSense on PC as well.

Unlike playing on a PC, which requires upgrades as games evolve, consoles come loaded with a standard set of hardware and system requirements. With consoles like the PS5, there isn’t much scope for customization and upgrades.

In addition, console manufacturers typically have a 5-6 year cycle before they decide to release new consoles in line with improvements in technology. Hence, there’s a risk of old consoles not supporting new games.

Therefore, console gamers will have to consider whether to upgrade or not when the latest system is released. So if you buy a PS5, you’ll have limited options for upgrading specific components.

PS5 vs. PC: Non-gaming usefulness

PS5 vs. PC: Non-gaming usefulness

The design and hardware of the PS5 make it more like a PC. Hence, modern-day consoles offer more than just gaming.

For instance, you can binge-watch your favorite TV shows and music on the PS5 with pre-loaded apps such as Netflix, Prime, YouTube, and more – another added benefit of a modern console such as the PS5. That said, it’s still a far cry from the variety of applications that a PC can run.

As for the PC, it’s your ultimate work machine. PC does much more than just play games. For instance, you run an entire business or research and study for a university thesis.

Besides gaming and entertainment, a powerful rig comes in real handy whether you’re a student, content creator, or other professional.

A PC can perform a wide range of tasks that a PS5 cannot handle. It can run all programs from MS Office to Abelton to Adobe Premiere Cut Pro – making the PC a far more versatile machine than the PS5.

PS5 vs. PC: Pricing

PS5 vs. PC: Pricing

The primary advantage consoles have over PCs is the cost. Most consoles sell for under $500 and come bundled with games, controllers, and other accessories.

Although the relative prices of consoles and PCs are debatable, generally, consoles cost less compared to a high-end gaming PC. 

Unlike playing on a PC, which requires frequent upgrades as PC games advance. On the PS5, you can keep playing games without having to worry about hardware becoming obsolete for another 5-6 years.

Currently, the PS5 costs $499 ( INR 80,000 approx.). On the other hand, a PC that is adequate for running the latest games can easily cost twice that much. 

Which one is better for you?

Which one is better for you?

Ultimately, it all comes down to what experience you’re looking for and the kind of games you’ll want to play. Consoles require almost little or no effort; all you have to do is plug in your HDMI cable and power cord, and you’re ready to rumble.

You can take the PS5 home and start playing a game within minutes. There’s no operating system to configure or drivers to update. There are setup or technical skills needed to start having fun. 

In contrast, you’ll have to consider a plethora of things before you are prepared to dive into a game on a PC. Configuring the graphics, input, and network settings for PC games can be a nightmare for some.

There’s no denying both platforms have their pros and cons, but ultimately, you decide the one that fits your budget and gaming habits. As a gamer, is your priority convenience or is it cost?

If you’re new to the world of gaming, then go for the PS5 simply because of the ease of usage and simplified setup. On the other hand, if you’re a hardcore gamer who enjoys and takes pride in upgrading a computer yourself, then consider a dedicated gaming PC.

Whether you decide to go for a PS5 console or a PC, the most important thing is to enjoy gaming on whatever platform you choose. In addition, factors like your budget, technical know-how, and available upgrades should play a part in making your decision.


There’s no denying that new technologies on the latest PS5 have significantly improved the gaming experience for everyone.

With faster loading times, more immersive graphics, and audio – it’s just what the doctor ordered. The latest CPUs and GPUs from AMD and Nvidia to the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft – 2020 have been an excellent year for gamers, except for the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.


Martha Davis

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