Here’s My Story

Martha Davis

I am Martha Davis, currently residing in California.

By profession, I am a Computer Hardware Engineer.

Still, my association with tiny wires and circuit boards goes back to my 6th class science project where I made my first electric circuit board using two batteries, wires.

While computer parts could appear to be no more than a mystery for the layman, my curiosity to study the designs and processes behind making electronic devices allowed me to go one step further.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Engineering.

During my course, I saw the world around me rapidly moving and proliferating towards new mobile, computer, and other devices. 

For seven years, I worked as a Technical Support Associate at Hoghuyens Technology. My significant tasks involved board designing, sensors, processors, SoC engineering.

You could say that microprocessors became my best friends on the job. I worked for a brief time at a government wing for embedding and testing computer systems.

Later, I moved to developing and working at my own space, taking up private contracts, running safety and quality checks, trying parts. I’ve also been working in the field of keeping systems updated with new security fixes.

Troubleshooting, Hardware Networking, installation, and assembly have been my significant services to clients. Currently, I am pursuing my certificate course in Computer Vision and Robotics.

I started as a platform where I can share what I have learned through these years.

I am sure that the insights on designing and testing new hardware components, updating existing systems, and working around with many circuit testers will help all readers.

In addition, my expertise in understanding electronic circuitry and designing and testing hardware for high optimization.

Through this space, curated by my associates and me, I aim to decode the complicated aspects of hardware and computer components for you, thus making it less of an alien concept!

With the increasing scope of research and development, the field of hardware engineering is a dynamic one. The scope is enormous, and the possibilities are infinite.

Our educational guides ensure that your PC has design and hardware according to changing demands and speed and performance needs.

The charm of our work comes when we get to build and test on the entire system, and all components work in magical sync, and what we have is a marvelous job!

Working and navigating through computer architecture provides great scope in making technological advances.

Assembling parts, doing test runs, programming, and making changes for high-tech applications gives our team a space to stay up to date with PC components.

It happens to be one of the fascinating parts for me.