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Welcome to our collection of tutorials on programming the Propeller, electronics, and for Diptrace, a PCB design application. Dive right in and let us know if you have any questions.

Propeller Programming

First Steps

These tutorials are meant for first-time Propeller Programmers — either if you've never programmed before, or if you have a bit of experience with other microcontrollers.  I'll show you programs and give you some tips to get started;

step_0_150 step_1_150 step_2_150
0. Setup
Tips on the hardware & software you'll need
1. Your First Program
Get familiar with the Propeller
2. Objects
Use objects to expand your projects
step_3_150 step_4_150 step_5_150
3. Serial Terminal
Control the Propeller with your computer
4. Multitasking
Do multiple things at the same time
5. Video
Use the Propeller's built-in video hardware

Making a Videogame

Make your own Tron style lightcycles game on the Propeller with this 3-part tutorial;

vg_1_150 vg_2_150 vg_3_150
1. Display
Setting up the hardware and objects
2. Movement & Color
Adding the building blocks for lightcycles1
3. Final Touches
Putting everything together

Make a Synthesizer

Learn the basics of generating audio and build your own synthesizer;

Reading Voltage

Need to read voltage with the Propeller?  Here's how;

  • Lesson 1: Overview (with video tutorial) What are the common approaches for converting voltage to a number you can use in your program?
  • Lesson 2: ADC Using an MCP3208 to measure voltages and convert for use in your projects

SD Cards

Read or write data to an SD card for persistant storage or to use with your computer;

Extra Credit


We regularly post new projects to show you fun things to do with the Propeller Platform;

elec_flute_150 web_clicker_150 video_fireplace_150
Electric Flute
Convert a child's recorder into an electronic instrument
Web Remote
Control your TV over the Internet
Video Fireplace
Warm up to a cozy fire
talking_clock_150 toilet_buddy_150 RC_Animator_150
Talking Clock
Announce the time with your own voice
Toilet Buddy
Say goodbye to embarassing bathroom sounds
R/C Animator
Add sound and lighting effects to your R/C vehicle
Rudolph_150 mr_burns_150 Funtendo_150
Email Reader
Have Rudolph announce your emails
Mr. Burns
Avoid painful sunburns with this UV measuring timer
The completely self-contained retro gaming system for your PC.


Diptrace is a popular program for designing your own circuit boards, we use it with many of the designs we do and this video tutorial series is meant to help you start designing your own custom pcb's;

Other Stuff

Tutorials that don't fit in any other category;

  • Op Amps How to use Op Amps in circuits

Other Stuff