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Tour of Maker Faire
Tour of Maker Faire
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Written by Nicholas McClanahan   
Tuesday, 02 June 2009 07:06
Maker Faire LogoA walk thru of Maker Faire Bay Area, 2009.

While I took photos, my buddy Jay took video with his flip HD -

Wakthru of Maker Faire

I haven't uploaded my photos yet, but his video came out a lot better.  Maker Faire is pretty fun - it's not just electronics stuff, plenty of folks doing steampunk stuff, some people doing arts and crafts, but it's interesting to see what other people are working on.

Attendance this year was around 85,000 people, it's at the San Mateo Fairgrounds (Next the horse track).  Tickets were $25 per day, but when my wife and I were waiting in line, a nice lady came by and gave us her tickets, free.

It's very crowded, though.  This is a mixed blessing - there is a ton of activity, but there's a line for everything.  Probably the coolest things I saw were some of the more elaborate steampunk welded machines: a giant hydraulic hand that could crush barrels, and a lot of metal structures that spit out flames.

Also, if you're looking to add a video to your project, the Flip is a great option.  You can get it for  $50 from Amazon.  The Flip HD is cool, too, but I don't think the HD is necessary for project videos.  I use the Creative Vado, which I got at Fry's (if you have the Vado, be sure to download an updated firmware, it fixes the color problems).  You've probably noticed all the most popular projects have a short video, it really helps builders visualize the project.


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