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What's New?
What's New?
Coming Soon: QuickStart Proto
Written by Jeff Ledger   
Wednesday, 07 March 2012 13:40

An easier way to prototype for QuickStart users.

We've been using Parallax's QuickStart board for a few projects - the price is great and the board is small.  Compared to more full-featured boards, there are a few features we miss, so we decided to fix it!  Here is one of the exciting new products for Quickstart to be released soon!

The Quick Proto board;



  • TV Video Connection:  12,13,14
  • Audio Connection: 11
  • Terminal block & Barrel connections for powering the Quickstart
  • Prototyping area with access to I/O, Vdd, & Vss connections.
  • Plugs easily into the Quickstart board.

We expect these to be in stock soon!

Ben Heck's Super Alarm Clock
Propellerheads in the Spotlight
Written by Nicholas McClanahan   
Sunday, 04 March 2012 00:00
A creative alarm clock design based on the Propeller

Check out Ben Heck's Alarm Clock design;

El Jugador Module Sale!
Builder News
Written by Jeff Ledger   
Saturday, 28 January 2012 09:44

El Jugador Module on sale for a limited time.

If you haven't added an El' Jugador to your GG collection yet, now is a great time!
Featuring Video, Audio, and two NES connectors.  El' Jugador is a steal at $14.95.
x10 control with the Propeller
Designer News
Written by Jeff Ledger   
Monday, 16 January 2012 16:51

Control the real world with your Propeller.  On your desk or across the globe.


Recently,. I wrote a tutorial called, "Connect your projects to the Internet", In that tutorial, I demonstrated the use of Microchip's ENC28J60 chip to connect your Propeller micro-controller to the Internet.   This time, I want to carry things to the next step with an easy way to control the "real world" from your project.


Propeller Platform Arduino Shield Adapter
Builder News
Written by Jeff Ledger   
Sunday, 01 January 2012 22:13

Use your Arduino shields with your Propeller Platform.

ppasa_frontGot a few Arduino shields sitting around?  The Arduino Shield Adapter makes them compatible with the Propeller Platform.  This adapter does much more than simply change the plug configuration.

Check out this list of features:

• Compatible with 5v and 3.3v shields.
• Propeller pins 0 through 13 connect to Arduino compatible pins 0 through 13.
• Propeller pins 14 through 19 optionally connect to Arduino compatible pins A0 through A5.
• An MC3208 provides styandard 6 channels of 12-bit analog to digital conversion.
• Solder points for two extra AD converter channels.
• All digital channels from the 3.3v Propeller are protected by 2.2K ohm current-limiting resistors.
• Solder pads are provided on the underside to bypass the current-limiting resistors for 3.3v shields.

Grab one of these from MGH Designs for only $19.95.

Another Funtendo Lives!
Builder News
Written by Jeff Ledger   
Wednesday, 21 December 2011 19:49

Gadget Gangster member takes on the Funtendo as a gift.

Recently we posted the Funtendo project, a Propeller Platform based retro controller/gaming platform for the PC which connects the Wii Classic Controller, Original NES controller, and the N64 Controller.  SeanDanger (GG Forums) created his own version of the Funtendo, adding SNES controller support, button additions to N64 code, and a snazzy color changing LED hub.  Sean plans to donate his to the Reddit Gift Exchange.  Awesome work!  (forum link)

Propeller Platform Quick Connect
Builder News
Written by Jeff Ledger   
Tuesday, 20 December 2011 11:22

Adding (spring terminals) for rugged quick connect to the Propeller Platform


@jodlecki (Parallax forums) has come up with a fantastic addon for the bottom of the Propeller Platform for those who use their board for multiple projects. He has added Spring loaded quick connect terminals that have a push button to open the terminals.   A great idea!  Details can be found here.

Tannenbaum Ticker
Written by Nicholas McClanahan   
Monday, 19 December 2011 16:39
The Tannenbaum Ticker is a Christmas tree ornament that changes color based on how your stocks are doing

Here's a little demo;


US and international stocks, commodities, and bonds can be tracked, including market-wide and industry indexes  Trade data is polled every 30 seconds during the trading day.  The ticker goes from dark red ( > 4% drop from open), to green (within 0.2% of open), to blue ( > 4% increase from open).  There's also a 'short mode' to track short positions.  First, I'll answer a few questions, then I'll show you how to make your own!
Email Reading Reindeer
Written by Nicholas McClanahan   
Tuesday, 13 December 2011 04:24
Rudolph, the Email Reading Reindeer, lets you know when you've got a new email and tells you who sent it!

Here's a demo;


Rudolph uses a Propeller Platform USB to log into the email server, trigger animations, and generate the speech.  An E-Net module handles the Internet connection.  First, I'll answer a few questions, then I'll show you how I built it, and I'll give you a few ideas on how to customize it for your own projects.

Written by Jeff Ledger   
Tuesday, 29 November 2011 19:00

The completely self-contained retro gaming system for your PC.


It is capable of using the original Nintendo controller, the N64 controller, and the Wii Classic controller at the same time!

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