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About Us
About Us
Helping hobbyists to share ideas

There are too many projects sitting in closets.  Great ideas that won't be shared because the designer isn't interested in marketing his project, ordering inventory, shipping orders, and handling payments. 

There are too many hobbyists who don't know where to get started.  They admire the work of others, but find a very steep learning curve when they start work on their idea, and realize that a weekend isn't enough time to complete it.

There are millions of experimenters, tinkerers and builders looking for an easy way to get started, and we offer a way to connect them with innovative, creative, funny, or useful projects.  And we help by providing the materials, components & information to get started. 

Designers might share their projects on Gadget Gangster because they're excited to share their hobby with others, they think it's cool to see someone else using their invention, to make it easy for someone to pick up the BOM for their design, or just because we share the sales of any project they list.

Whether you have a project idea, or are looking for a project to do, we hope you find our site useful.  If you have any thoughts or suggestions, or just want to say "Hi", just shoot us a note at

Locate a Distributor

Check here for a list of qualified distributors in the US and Europe >>>

Need Help Your Order?

If you've got a question about your order, the best way to reach us is by sending your question to and we'll take care of you.

Our Favorite Sites

  • Propeller Powered — Jeff Ledger's site on all things Propeller related
  • — Propeller Platform Modules and Propeller related development info
  • The Shoppe at Wulfden — Propeller Platform Modules, Arduino, and other great design tools
  • Savage Circuits — A place for hobbyists to share their projects and ideas, and help others

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